6 Ways To Make Your Property Listing Stand Out In North County San Diego

You absolutely have to make your listing stand out because, first of all, there are so many homes available for sale now. But that’s not the whole story. You also have to make your listing stand out online where listings have exploded in the last few years. In fact, the National Association of Realtors maintains that of people 36 years old and younger 99% do their home shopping online. They peruse listing photos, assess neighborhoods, and compare houses all online. So because you must make your listing count online, here are 6 ways to make your property listing stand out in North County San Diego.

1. Stage It Well

You just can’t stick photos of empty rooms in your listing. If you want your property listing to stand out in North County San Diego, you’ll have to stage those rooms. Staging will help you sell faster, as well as increase the perceived value of your property. When rooms are staged, it also allows potential buyers to envision the house as a home they could live in. On average, staged homes sell for 17% more than those that aren’t staged and sell 87% faster.

2. Use Plenty of Professional-Quality Photos

Any listing requires great photos, but it’s even more critical with online listings because buyers may never see the property in person until the very end of the buying process. Further, people spend more time looking at listing photos than they do reading the description. So using professional-quality photos will make your property listing stand out in North County San Diego. The better the photos – both in quality and with respect to right views – the more your listing will stand out from all the others.

3. Include a Floor Plan

A great tactic to make your property listing stand out is to include a floor plan. A full 50% of home buyers claim that a floor plan makes a listing stand out for them. It will give potential buyers a much better feel for your house than shots of individual rooms, allowing them to envision the flow of the property and what it would be like living there.

4. Emphasize and Highlight Best Features

You should always emphasize and highlight only what is best, the truly appealing features, in your home. Your agent can help you identify the features and attributes that will appeal to buyers most and then help you highlight them in your listing. To discover more about this, call (858) 799-0709.

5. Use the Right Keywords for the Target Market and Searches

Because you need to make your property listing stand out online, you have to incorporate the right keywords in titles, headings, and description. These keywords will allow search engines to serve up your listing for people searching for a property like yours. And to determine the best keywords, you will need a thorough knowledge of both your target market and the neighborhood. You need to know what potential buyers within your target market are looking for when it comes to features and amenities. Again, your agent can be a valuable asset here.

6. Hire Professionals

Finally, to make your property listing stand out in North County San Diego, you really shouldn’t try to do it all yourself. Your listing will stand out all the more when you hire professionals to apply their specialized expertise to the listing. These professionals include stagers, photographers, and maybe even copywriters to write the property description. And a good local real estate agent is almost a necessity because understanding the local market is critical for creating a listing that will stand out.

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